Best Indoor Plant Pots and Large Planters | Check Before Buying!

Pots and planters are necessary to contain your crops and garden plants, help facilitate maximum growth, and make them absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. When gardening with indoor and large plants, you would need pots and planters with the best material, design, and specifications. 

What Is The Best Material For Plant Pots?

Indoor Ceramic Planters

Indoor Ceramic Planters

Ceramic pots contain both porous and nonporous materials that are ideal for a variety of plants. Unglazed ceramics are suitable for succulents and plants that don’t require large amounts of water, while glazed ceramics provide additional moisture for plants. 

They’re also perfect during the summer as they don’t dry out even under intense heat. However, they’re prone to cracking during the winter season. 

If you want a more aesthetic appeal to your pots, you can never go wrong with ceramic pots. 

Plastic Plant Pot

Plastic Plant Pot

Plastic pots are more economical as they’re lightweight and relatively cheaper. They’re made of nonporous materials, like glazed ceramic, perfect for plants that love to bask in water, but you’d be increasing the risk of overwatering. 

They’re also mostly durable, depending on the brand and material they’ve used in production, so they remain safe even in varying seasons. Unfortunately, they’re prone to fading, which isn’t favorable if you’re looking for a visually appealing pot indoors. 

Best Indoor Plant Pots and Large Planters

Hexagon Pattern Ceramic Indoor Planters 6″ & 5″ Set

It is a two-in-one set of ceramic plant pots in 4 retro colors, a hexagonal design, and drainage holes perfect for herbs, succulents, and other small to medium-sized plants. These pots are made using high-quality and durable ceramic that’s fade and crack-resistant. 

The only downside is you’d need to line the bottom with drainage trays or saucers since you’d be placing them indoors, and there would be no soil to absorb the excess water. Product dimensions are 6” (diameter) x 6” (width) x 6.4” (height) with a weight of 5.15 pounds.

Geometric Design Ceramic Indoor Planters 5.5″ 2 Pack

A Bohemian-style ceramic planter that comes with drainage holes protected by mesh and a bamboo bottom, making it a sustainable pot for succulents, aloe vera, and other plants. 

It’s a relatively large planter made of long-lasting, durable ceramic materials. and drilled with holes and comes with a water coaster to prevent the risk of overwatering your plants. 

You may need to double line the tray or apply the coating as the drainage ability of these planters can only hold so much water. Product dimensions are 5.5” (diameter) x 5.5” (width) x 4.3” (height) and weighs 3.39 pounds. 

Marble Effect Indoor Ceramic Planters 6″

The Yosun01 brand boasts a dual-purpose ceramic planter slash utensil holder that has an aesthetic quality to it brought by the gold marbling design. Top quality unglazed ceramics were used to create this product, so it’s a porous pot made for plants that don’t require a lot of water, such as succulents. 

It comes with a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot for excess water to come through, as well as better air penetration which supports maximum root growth. Product dimensions are: 5.51” (diameter) x 5.51” (width) x 5.12” (height) with a weight of 1.81 pounds. 

Uoo May Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor & Outdoor

Made with a dense and sturdy ceramic material to reduce the risk of overwatering, this planter comes in a set of two and has drainage located at the bottom of the pot and a detachable saucer. 

It has 3 minimalistic yet appealing colors to choose from all with an interesting geometric pattern perfect for your indoor aesthetic. 

The products may come with a bit of debris, so thorough washing may be needed before using them as plant containers. You also might want to add extra padding and lining near the drainage system. 

Product dimensions are: 5.4” (width) x 5.1” (height) for the larger pot and 4.5” (width) x 4.2” (height) for the smaller pot. 

Le Tauci Indoor Plant Pots With Saucer Set Of 3

It is a perfect all-in-one set that has small, medium, and large planters. You could use this for any of your different-sized indoor plants without the hassle of testing out which fits it.

These pots are made from ceramics molded at high temperatures, which makes them tolerant to heat. It comes with a non-removable saucer with ridges cut in between to allow maximum water drainage.  

For reference, Le Tauci recommends containing succulents in the small pot, snake plants in the medium pot, and small palm trees in the large pot.

Product dimensions are: 6.6” (diameter) x 5.3” (height) for the large pot, 5.5” (diameter) x 4.4” (height) for the medium pot, and 4” (diameter) x 3.5” (height) for the small pot. 

Jolie Muse Indoor Ceramic Planters 6.5″ 2 Pack

This set of two ceramic planters gives a simple cream white and light brown minimalistic design made from premium ceramic materials and finished with a waterproof, matte texture. 

It comes with drainage holes with removable rubber plugs, ideal for when you have plants that require constant hydration and those that can live with lesser amounts of water. 

A disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a saucer, so you’d have to purchase a separate one for an easier way to drain water. 

Product dimensions are: 6.5” (diameter) x 5.5” (height) for the large pot and 5.3” (maximum diameter) x 4.9” (upper diameter) x 4.7” (height) for the small pot. 

Rivet Mid-Century Stoneware Planter With Wood Stand

This product has a unique design as it comes with a 3-legged wooden stand and an ivory marbling of various shades of blue, green, and white, making it an eye-catching piece.

It’s made of ceramic and stoneware but must be treated with extra care as it may shatter easily, especially when you have kids or dogs in your household. 

The biggest downside is that it has no drainage holes, so you might risk overwatering your plants. Aeration, as a result, will also not be as good compared to other pots. 

Product dimensions are: 9” (diameter) x 9” (width) x 11” (height) with a weight of 4.8 pounds. 

Rivet Mid-Century Indoor Ceramic Planters With Iron Stand

Similar to the previous Rivet ceramic planter, this product comes with a 3-legged iron stand instead of a wooden one. It’s also a visually pleasing pot for indoor planting. 

There’s also an absence of drainage holes which may pose overwatering and air ventilation problems for you. You can remedy this by placing your plants inside a different container before putting them inside this product. 

Product dimensions are: 9.65” (diameter) x 9.65” (width) x 14” (height) and weighs 9.1 pounds. 

Zoutog White Ceramic Plant Pots For Succulents

This six-pack ceramic planter set comes with a drainage hole and a removable drainage tray made of bamboo. It also boasts a minimalistic white design for the actual planter. 

It’s perfect for smaller succulents and plants that you could place decoratively anywhere in your office or home. 

The trays should constantly be manually drained as it only catches a relatively small amount of water, but since most air plants and succulents don’t need that much hydration, you won’t be making frequent trips with this planter. 

Product dimensions are: 3.15” (diameter) x 3.15” (width) x 2.36” (height) and weighs 2.72 pounds. 

Umbra Trigg Wall Hanging Planters Indoor Container

Also providing a unique, innovative, and contemporary way of using planters, these hanging planters are diamond-shaped and perfect for succulents, air plants, and other small flowering plants. 

The planters themselves are made of high-quality ceramic materials with a molded resin finish. The wires used are plated to avoid quick rusting. They don’t come with drainage holes, but you can drill on them if you have the time you would also need to line it with a tray. 

Product dimensions are: 2.76” (diameter) x 4.49” (width) x 7.24” (height) and weighs 0.014 ounces. 

Rivet Stoneware Crosshatch Indoor Plant Pots

This is Rivet’s third item on the list, and it comes in various sizes and colors to cater to your different indoor gardening needs. This cylindrical plant container is made of high-quality durable stoneware with a unique crosshatch texture design. 

There are no drainage holes, so you would have to place your plants in a different container before putting them inside this product. Product dimensions are: 7” (diameter) x 7” (width) x 6.25” (height) with a weight of 2.77 pounds.

Sarosora Round Self Watering Large Planter Pots 12.5″

It comes with two pots: an inner pot used for the actual plant and an outer pot for storing water for up to 1 month. The plant roots absorb water through a cotton thread at the bottom of the pot.

It also has a transparent opening for observing the amount of water inside the pot so you’d know when to refill the outer pot. The pots are made out of high-quality polypropylene plastic and are perfect for large indoor plants. 

Product dimensions are: 12.5″ (diameter) x 12.5″ (weight) x 14″ (height) and weighs 5.38 pounds. 

How to Plant an Indoor Plant in a Pot?

How to Plant an Indoor Plant in a Pot

Step 1: Make sure the potting medium you use is moist before actually potting the plant.

Step 2: Establish a substrate line where the crown part of the plant meets the medium. You must pot the plant above the medium, making sure its crown is sticking out but not too shallowly. 

Step 3: Create a reservoir for water by allowing space between the top of the pot and the top of the potting mix. 

Step 4: To pot container plants, fill the pot with the medium. Then, place the pot at the center, slightly above the substrate line and reservoir. Spread the medium and potting mix around the roots and the crown. 

Step 5: Lastly, thoroughly water your plants. 

What Can I Put In the Bottom of My Indoor Planter for Drainage?

Creating drainage holes is the best thing to do unless they’re made out of sturdy ceramic material. If that’s the case, after watering, you’d have to turn the entire pot to its side to drain the water. If your indoor planter already comes with drainage holes, use a saucer or tray to catch all the excess water. 

Do Plants Grow Better in Ceramic Pots?

Do Plants Grow Better in Ceramic Pots

It depends on the type of plant you’re growing. Succulents, for example, don’t need that much hydration to survive, so they can grow better in plastic pots. Otherwise, if your plants need constant amounts of water, it’s best to use ceramic pots.

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Is the Color of Plant Pots Important?

Is the Color of Plant Pots Important

The color of plant pots is important if it matters to you. Aesthetic appeal is almost always the first thing indoor gardening enthusiasts check when choosing a pot. However, if this factor isn’t essential to you, then it’s totally fine to pick whatever color there is!

Which Is Better, Plastic Pots or Clay Pots?

Plastic pots are nonporous and therefore ideal for plants that need constant water and moisture. On the other hand, clay pots are porous, which are suitable for plants that need well-drained soil and less hydration. 

Selecting the most suitable indoor plant pot and large planter is essential for allowing your plants to grow healthily. Plastic pots are lightweight and relatively cheaper, while ceramic pots are available in a wider variety of products depending on the type of plants you’re growing. 

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